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The M-21 Blackbirds

This M-21 is a unique variant of the A-12, the earliest Blackbird type. Built for a CIA program code-named "Tagboard," the M-21 carried unpiloted vehicles for intelligence gathering. These drones were intended for launch from the M-21 "mother ship" for flights over hostile territories. Design features of the M-21 include the second seat for the Launch Control Officer and the launch pylon on which the drone is mounted.

YF-12A Blackbird #06936 / #1003

Location:Lost on June 24, 1971 at Edwards AFB, CA.
YF-12A Blackbird #06936 / #1003

While in the traffic pattern at Edwards AFB, a fire broke out due to fuel line rupture.

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YF-12A Blackbird #06934 / #1001

Location: Lost on August 14, 1966 at Edwards AFB, CA. (Some say July 14, 1966)
YF-12A Blackbird #06934 / #1001

60-6934 (YF-12A) This aircraft, the first YF-12A built, was seriously damaged as a result of internal systems overheating on 14 August 1966 during a landing accident at Edwards AFB. 

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SR-71B Blackbird #17957 / #2008

Location: Lost on January 11, 1968.

While over Washington state the SR suffered double generator failure.

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SR-71A Blackbird #17978 / #2029

Location: Lost on July 20, 1972 at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan
SR-71A Blackbird #17978 / #2029

 Attempting to land with a severe crosswind, USAF PIlot: Capt. Dennis Bush had to abort the landing after deploying the braking chute.

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SR-71A Blackbird #17977 / #2028

Location: Lost on October 10, 1968 at Beale AFB, CA.

After returning from maintenance at Lockheed ADP, on take-off one of the wheel hubs exploded causing a fire, which engulfed the aircraft. 

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