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YF-12A Blackbird #06936 / #1003

YF-12A Blackbird #06936 / #1003

Location:Lost on June 24, 1971 at Edwards AFB, CA.
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While in the traffic pattern at Edwards AFB, a fire broke out due to fuel line rupture, while on final the entire aircraft became engulfed in fire and both crew members ejected safely, Lt. Col. Ronald Layton, and Major Bill Curtis.




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For the first time in 75 years Lockheed Martin is pulling back the veil on their top secret program, Skunk Works. This secretive aerospace division is responsible for creating the most innovative machines in modern history…the U2, the SR-71 Blackbird, the Stealth bomber technology so far advanced for it’s time that eyewitnesses have mistaken their crafts for otherworldly.