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10 Feb 2018

SR-71A Blackbird #17960 / #2011

SR-71A Blackbird #17960 / #2011

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SR-71A 17960 was the aircraft made even more famous by pilot Brian Shul. He piloted this aircraft over Libya at a speed of Mach 3.5, the fastest speed ever made public.

960 made her final flight on February 27, 1990, into Castle Air Force Base, California. She roared over the runway at low level for one last high speed pass before touching down for the last time. Now that the Cold War is over, the world is a quieter place, as is the flight line of Castle Air Force Base. The need for large Strategic Air Command forces has waned, resulting in the base’s transition from military to civilian purposes. The facility now operates as Castle Airport and Aviation Development Center. Those dusty old hangars and wide expanses of cracked tarmac now house universities and companies like Google who conduct research projects for peaceful purposes. Just up the road in Atwater, California, lies the Castle Air Museum where this Blackbird stands proudly as their gate guardian.

To view Brian Shul's story, click on the link at the bottom.



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