The Blackbird Family

This list contains every A-12, YF12 and SR-71 Blackbird ever constructed. The list can be filtered by aircraft type or current location. Each listing has information and photos along with its current location and map.

A-12 Blackbird #06926 / #123

Location: Lost on May 24, 1963 near Wendover, UT.

Article 123 was lost on 24 May 1963 during a low-altitude, subsonic flight to test an inertial navigation system.

A-12 Blackbird #06928 / #125

Location: Lost on January 5, 1967 at Groom Lake, NV.
A-12 Blackbird #06928 / #125

With a faulty fuel gauge, CIA Pilot Walt Ray was on final to Groom Lake, NV, when the A-12 ran out of fuel. Walt Ray ejected from the aircraft, he faile to seperate from the ejection seat and was killed when he landed in seat.

A-12 Blackbird #06929 / #126

Location: Lost on Tuesday, December 28, 1965 at Groom Dry Lake.

The newly-installed SAS (Stability Augmentation System) had the yaw and pitch gyros wired backwards, causing the airplane to lose complete control just seconds after takeoff from Groom Dry Lake; 

A-12 Blackbird #06932 / #129

Location: Lost on June 5, 1968 in the South China Sea off of the Philippines Islands
A-12 Blackbird #06932 / #129

While on a FCF (Functional Check Flight) CIA Pilot Jack Weeks and the A-12 disappered, No trace was ever found of pilot or aircraft.

A-12 Blackbird #06939 / #133

Location: Lost on July 9, 1964 at Groom Lake, NV.

The crash occurred on 9 July 1964 while Article 133 was approaching the runway after a Mach 3 check flight.


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