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This list contains every Blackbird ever constructed. Each listing has information and photos along with its current location and map. Search for a specific tail number or click on a location to find where Blackbirds are located.

A-12 (0924) First Flight

A-12 (0924) First Flight

The A-12’s first flight–unofficial and unannounced in keeping with a Lockheed tradition–took place on 25 (26?) April 1962 and almost caused the loss of the only OXCART aircraft built so far. 

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A-12 Blackbird #06924 / #121

Location: On display at the Blackbird Airpark in Palmdale, CA.
A-12 Blackbird #06924 / #121

The first A-12, known as Article 121, was built and ground tested in Burbank during January and February 1962. Because the aircraft was too secret to fly to the test site and too large to carry on a cargo plane, it had to be trucked. 

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A-12 Blackbird #06925 / #122

Location: On display at USS Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in the New York City Harbor.
A-12 Blackbird #06925 / #122
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A-12 Blackbird #06926 / #123

Location: Lost on May 24, 1963 near Wendover, UT.

Article 123 was lost on 24 May 1963 during a low-altitude, subsonic flight to test an inertial navigation system.

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A-12 Blackbird #06927 / #124B

Location: On display at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, CA.
A-12 Blackbird #06927 / #124B

The only A-12 trainer (927) was a two seater version intended for pilot training. The A-12B trainer was known as The Titanium Goose.

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