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Here's a listing of some notable Blackbird missions. Some that changed history.

Also, at times various museum and other organizations hold special events to discuss and educate the public on the Blackbird program.

22 Dec 1964

First Flight of M21 (SR-71) Carrying D-21 Drone)

First Flight of M21 (SR-71) Carrying D-21 Drone)

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On December 22, 1964, the first flight of the D-21/M-21 combination (now referred to as the “M/D-21”) was successfully completed from Groom Lake. Per Johnson: "Bill Park flew at the end of the day. It flew well and, in spite of having low-powered engines, went supersonic on the first flight." Interestingly, on this same day, the first SR-71A successfully completed its first flight from Lockheed's Palmdale, California facility.


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