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SR-71 Equipment Bays

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By varying the nose and payload areas, the SR-71 could be configured for various types of reconnaisance. Camera and radar packages provided their own unique view of the target, enabling personnel to view and interpret the data with a high degree of accuracy.

Most missions needed several components installed in their companion hardware located in other bays. Most bays were specifically designed to house a certain type of equipment and the necessary connections to the aircraft systems.



The Bays:


A Nose N Radar Recorder Bay
C Terrain Camera Bay P Left TEOC Bay
D Right Chine Bay(FS 30S-389) Q Right TEOC Bay
E Electrical Equipment Bay R Radio Equipment Bay
F Forward Cockpit S Left OOC Bay
G Aft Cockpit T Right OOC Bay
K Left EMR Bay V Misc - Fuselage
L Right EMR Bay W Misc Nacelles
M Right EMR Bay    



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