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SR-71 Side Looking Radar (SLR)

SR-71 Side Looking Radar (SLR)

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SLR Data: The SLR was originally manufactured by Goodyear Aerospace in Litchfield Park, AZ. Later on the same outfit, same location, same design team, manufactured the ASARS-1 but by that time they may have been bought by the Lockheed Martin Co. Photos of the SLR LRUs (when available) are located in the top of the nose. If you get that shot, the order of LRUs from nose to tail will be the Antenna Control, Synchronizer, Receiver; Transmitter and then the SLR Recorder. They usually flew in N, L or Q bay. When available, get a shot of the RCD or Recorder Corrrelator Display, it was a big magnesium monster that gave a minute or so delayed low resolution display of SLR returns for navigation purposes.


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