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4 Jan 2020

When an SR-71 Retracted It's Landing Gear - In It's Hanger!

When an SR-71 Retracted It's Landing Gear - In It's Hanger!

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In 1982 during maintenance procedures at Beale Air Force Base a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird that fell on its right wing during maintenance.

The SR-71 #964 was going through a routine maintenance procedure at Beale Air Force Base.

Due to Technician  Improper maintenance procedures and failure to follow Technical Data resulted in several million dollars damage

During maintenance, the landing gear was retracted without the gear pins installed. As a result, the SR-71 Blackbird ‘964 fell on its right wing and sustained Significant damage

Luckily all the technical working on SR-71 #964 was unharmed

During an initial inquiry MSgt (Ret) Ben Raines was found guilty and he was later Court Marshaled but later he was finally cleared and findings overturned by then General Davis (SAC/CC).


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